This 7-year-old Thai girl became a viral sensation for giving maximum effort during a tug-of-war game


We all know how exciting sports day can be with all the fun competitions like tug-of-war but no one can beat this girl’s spirit and enthusiasm at ensuring she is on the winning team!

This seven-year-old girl from Thailand quickly rose to fame on the internet after a video clip of her competing in a tug-of-war game became viral on social media.

Premruedee Poltree shows that efforts and determination always pay off

Even though the tug-of-war match was supposed to be a leisure game between the teams, Premruedee managed to make it seemed like she and her teammates were competing in the world championship of tug-of-war

Just look at her facial expression and it is enough to tell how hard she worked to help her team won

While some of her teammates looked quite laid back and took their sweet time to giggle at the camera, Premruedee was yanking at the rope like a true warrior!

All the yanking and struggles were paid off when Premruedee and her team won the winning prize. We bet her rivals became intimidated just by looking at how serious she was at winning!

Watch the viral video clip of Premruedee Poltree playing in this epic tug-of-war here


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