This is the epic battle between tiny claws and cute paws and it is truly adorable


This is probably the cutest and most epic fight ever between two species who have been long-standing enemies to each other. 

Only this time, no blood and tears are seen in this battle because it is the battle of cuteness!

These little puppy and kitten have to finally resolve and decided who is the winner of this epic fight. It has long been known that cats and dogs rarely get along and have a deep innate dislike towards each other but not this tiny duo.

In this video, the kitten tries to challenge his nemesis, the adorable puppy to a little fight and it is truly cute

Apparently, they love to tease each other with their tiny paws and claws and play like close siblings!

Both of these puppy and kitten try to ‘intimidate’ each other by barking and hissing but all these provocations only sound more like an adorable tease than a threat

But who will get to be the winner of this epic fight?

Watch the full video to find out


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