This man was trying to cross the land after the massive flood hit his area but he did not know that death was after him


Heavy rainfalls and massive floods have put more than 60,000 residents in a life-threatening situation in Northern Argentina last February. 

At least 10,000 people have been evacuated after Pilcomayo River reached its highest levels. However, the evacuation was not easy to be carried out as shown by this nerve-racking footage.

The footage shows a man barely escaping death as the ground collapsed beneath him just seconds after he walked over it

The man can be seen trying to cross to the higher ground when a huge chunk of the land was swept away by the strong current.

The nail-biting moment was captured nearby Pilcomayo River where the river can reach a height of seven meters

What looks like a calm evacuation scene turns into a panic after the man and the crowd realised what happened right after he crossed the land.

Watch the incredible moment this lucky man escaped from death here


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