Meet Tina, the beluga whale who behaves like a jealous girlfriend if other women approaches her zookeeper


Credit: SBS TV Animal

Beluga whales are usually very social and they always can be seen communicating and playing with each other in a playful way but this female beluga whale is not like other typical beluga whales.

Meet Tina, the female beluga whale who lives in a zoo in South Korea.

Everything about Tina seems typical except one thing; she has fallen in love with her zookeeper!

This is the lucky zookeeper whom Tina fell in love with

She refuses to kiss anyone but the zookeeper

Tina only wants to communicate and play with the zookeeper will shoot water at anyone who stands too close to him

The beluga whale also only wants to play with the zookeeper and ignores the other staff even when they approach her in a nice and friendly way

So, how did Tina learn to be jealous? 

According to the zookeeper, Tina had a hard time adapting when she first came to the zoo

While other zookeepers were treating her nicely, the male zookeeper paid her a lot of attention which might be the main reason why Tina feels safe when he is around

However, there may be another reason why Tina behaves in that way. What do you think it could be?

Watch this hilarious video about Tina and her zookeeper to find out more


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