Nerve-wracking moment a ferry goes lopsided before it sinks to the bottom of lake due to being overloaded


This is the terrifying moment a ferry sank to the bottom of the lake after it was overloaded with three loaded trucks.

The clip begins with the two trucks which are already visibly overloaded with their good carriages parked on the ferry.

A moment later, another overloaded truck makes its way to the ferry and parked right behind the two before the ferry embarks on its journey to cross the lake

The footage later shows the ferry goes lopsided not long after it departs

One of the two staff who is on board can be seen trying to figure out the situation before all the trucks fall into the lake

Luckily, the man manages to run to safety during the incident.

Check out the nail-biting moment these trucks fall into the lake right after the ferry departs here


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