This grandma hears her favourite song on the supermarket’s radio and she dances her heart out


This grandma heard her favourite song on the radio and she did what everyone else did when their favourite track comes on air.

Even though she was on her grocery trip at a crowded supermarket!

This cute video of a grandma dancing her heart out at a supermarket when her favourite song came on the radio has gone viral on the internet and it is not hard to see why.

Despite her old age and visibly fragile-looking body, this cool grandma still managed to bust amazing dance moves in the middle of the supermarket’s aisle!

The cutest thing was definitely the fact that she danced like no one else was there

We totally understand why she got hyped when listening to the song. “Part Time Lover” by Stevie Wonder can certainly make anyone wants to bust into dance moves as soon as they hear the beats!

Watch this cute grandma busts out into amazing moves to Stevie Wonder’s song here


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