Terrifying moment electric scooter explodes during charging as the family flees for life


This latest video quickly went viral on the internet for a shocking reason and it is related to an electric scooter. The viral video shows how an electric scooter exploded during charging.

In the video, a father and a daughter are seen fleeing from the house just before the electric scooter turns into a ball of fire in their living room.

The video begins with the father-daughter duo relaxing in their living room. Suddenly, the father realises that fire starts to spark from the electric scooter and smoke begins to emit.

The father then quickly turns off the plug but it is all too late

As the smoke starts to grow, he immediately grabs his daughter and flees outside their house. Just a few seconds later, the scooter explodes and fire engulfs the house.

The incident took place on a Sunday at 5.30 pm but the location was unknown.

Many similar cases involving electric scooter have been reported recently. Another incident occurred in Singapore, leaving two injured after batteries exploded in an electric scooter store, FalconPEV at Delta House

The burnt e-scooter at Delta House. (Photo: Facebook / SCDF)

Investigations reported that the fire began during repair works being carried out in the store. For more information please read this news here channel news asia.

Watch the nerve-racking moment the father and the daughter escaped before the electric scooter exploded here:

E-scooter explodes while charging

E-scooter explodes while charging

Posted by I Love Sharing on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

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Hoverboard explodes caught on camera:


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