Birds are the sweetest companion a baby can have


Birds are very inquisitive animals who love to explore the world around them and babies are naturally curious about everything they see.

Hence, it is not a surprise that this pair loves spending time with each other.

Like true best friends, babies and birds love pulling pranks to each other but sometimes, they do enjoy quality time with the babies petting the birds

But do not let the babies get too comfortable with them or they might take the birds into their mouth!

When it is playtime, this bird loves playing hide-and-seek with its human companion since it knows that the baby will never able to beat it at the game

Even though they tend to get playful around each other, they always get each other’s back like this bird who sings a sweet lullaby to the baby when it is time to take a nap

Watch this adorable video compilation of birds and babies getting playful around each other 


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