This could be the cheapest DIY way to clean your foggy car headlights and it will only cost you less than $5


As time passes by, your car headlights will turn foggy or turn yellow. Here is the fastest and easiest way to clean them by yourselves.

It is quite inevitable for the plastic over your car headlight to degrade and cloud over. This is because the constant exposure to UV rays can degrade the outer layer of the plastic.

However, it is important to keep the headlights clear and bright as they used to be

Before you send them to the carwash or workshop, why not try this effective method to clean the headlights and make them look like brand new.

You can save some money by doing it yourself and plus, it is easy as well!

According to Facebook user Khairul Anwar Tumingan, this method will only set you back as low as $4. The only items you will need are:

  1. Sandpaper grade 600
  2. Sandpaper grade 1000
  3. Metal polish


  1. First, scrape off the yellowish and cloudy layer of the headlights by using the sandpaper grade 600

Scuff away the outer layer by using the soaked or wet sandpaper. Soak the sandpaper first in cold water for 10 minutes before scraping the layer

2. Then, dry the surface by using a clean cloth. Check the uniformity of the sanding

3. Next, scuff away the headlights with sandpaper grade 1000. You can also opt to use sandpaper grade 1500 or 2000. Like in the first step, soak the sandpaper in water first

4. Wipe it clean and dry the surface

5. Then, polish the headlights with the metal polish. Just squeeze some on the headlights and polish it in a circular motion

As the polish dries out, the haziness of the headlights will fade off

Continue polishing until the lens are clear and shiny

This is the comparison of before and after photos of sanding and polishing. Quite a difference right?

So, why not try this method at home the next time your headlights turn hazy and yellowish!

Credit: Facebook/Khairul Anwar Tumingan 

Watch the video below that shows us how headlights could be restored


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