Cheeky monkey steals a bike and rides it like a boss to escape from a dog


This hilarious video of a monkey escaping from a chasing dog on a bicycle has gotten the internet buzzing recently.

In the video that has made rounds on social media, the monkey can be seen stealing a bicycle and hopping on it to escape from a dog.

The playful monkey does not hesitate to pick up the bicycle and quickly swoops on it before the dog begins to chase it

As the dog begins to yap at the cheeky monkey’s action, the monkey quickly puts both of its feet on the pedals and then rides it off.

The monkey shows no signs of stopping at all although the dog is barking and chasing at it as it continues to ride the bicycle like a boss

The funny incident was reported to take place in the northeast province in China, Shanxi on July 12.

Watch the cheeky monkey steals a bicycle and rides it to escape from the yapping dog here


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