This super talented Chinese girl can play guzheng like a pro and it sounds amazing


This girl may look petite and young but she has already mastered guzheng, the Chinese plucked string instrument that can be quite tricky to play.

With her tiny fingers, the girl whose name is Uong Carol expertly plucks the strings of guzheng and plays the popular song “Little Apple”.

It is certainly not mean feat to play a musical instrument let alone to master it but this girl manages to do it!

Just by looking at how calm and elegant she plays the guzheng obviously shows that she has years of experience playing it

Guzheng is a Chinese traditional musical instrument. It is tuned in a pentatonic scale and sounds like a harp

It is definitely a lovely instrument and Uong manages to deliver the beauty of its sound.

Hence, it is not a surprise that each of the videos of her playing guzheng on YouTube can reach thousands of views.

If you are interested to know how great Uong is at playing guzheng, check out this video


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