Adorable baby bear loves taking a dip in the swimming pool to cool off the summer heat


As the summer heat rages on, it is quite typical to see many people going to the beach or simply hanging by the side of the swimming pool to cool themselves off.

Well, this adorable baby bear is one of them.

This baby bear whose name is Bruiser lives in Single Vision, the non-profit animal sanctuary in Florida, America. The sanctuary is the home for a variety of wild animals including bears like Bruiser.

This 18-month-old baby bear loves diving into the pool to cool off during the hot summer weather and he does it with so much style by hanging on the floating surfboard

Carl, the founder of the sanctuary said: “The bears used to go in and out of the little pools in their enclosure, and at about three months they climbed the ladder of the big pool and basically hopped right in.

“They love being in and playing around in the water.”

However, none of the bears could compete with Bruiser’s top-notch swimming skills!

Check out this amazing video of Bruiser the baby bear showing off his impressive swimming skills in the pool at the sanctuary here


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