Dessert chef creates unique and mind-blowing desserts that taste nothing like they look on the plate


The well-known adage among chefs in the culinary world is that “You eat with your eyes first” but when it comes to this chef’s creation, his food art will blow your mind first.

Concealed underneath the guise of inanimate objects like dish sponge and cigarettes in an ashtray is the delicious desserts that will taste as exquisite as they look like on the plate.

Meet the mastermind of the mind-blowing food art, Ben Churchill who is an expert at turning everyday desserts into mind-blowing food art on the plate

Using mainly pannacotta, jellies and sponge, this creative chef will mimic the size and shape of objects that you never think of will appear in a dessert plate

They look so convincing and real to the eyes that you will only realise they are dessert after you bite into them


Churchill gets his inspiration pretty much from anywhere that could inspire him which results in the most intriguing and surprising creations like this pannacotta cigarettes in an ashtray

Or this dish sponge complete with bubbles or a sweet milk foam

In this video, he shares with his followers the behind-the-scenes of creating his unique desserts on Instagram

Check out his video below to find out more about what he has created so far


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