Disabled man proves that nothing is impossible even when he has no arms


It is easy to quickly give up when it gets tough sometimes but for this disabled man, giving up is not an option.

The man who was born with no arms does not let his disability from stopping him to live his life to the fullest.

In spite of not having arms like other typical people, he works hard to earn his living by selling potatoes that he plants himself on his farm.

Farming is already a hard job but this man is able to complete all the essential farm tasks including carrying the basket with his teeth and loosening the soil with a hoe that he operates with his leg 

Most of the farm tasks require him to use his legs but the man is an expert when it comes to it

In one shot of the video, he efficiently peels the potatoes skin and cuts them into slices!

Even though he does not have arms like everyone else, this hardworking man does not  give up easily. He remains optimistic and this is what we should learn from him.

Watch how he handles and cares for his potato farm all by himself in this video here


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