This kind man feeds his hungry kittens that climb all over his body—problem is there is only one bottle


This is the adorable moment kittens fighting over a bottle of milk and leaves their owner startled with their feisty actions.

The short clip shows the man with his arms full of tabby kittens feeding one of the kittens with a bottle of milk.

However, as soon as the other kittens see the sight of the delicious meal, they soon get into a mini fight for their turn

Unfortunately, there is one problem.

There is only one bottle of milk and they have to wait for their turn but it seems that the turn is longer than they think it will be for these impatient and hungry little kittens

Just look at how eager these kittens are to want to be fed by their owner!

When one kitten gets its fair share of the milk, other kittens quickly try to fight over the milk.

Watch the hilarious video of these cute kittens fighting over a bottle of milk here


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