This rare and beautiful golden koi fish can cost you up to $21,000!


Have you ever thought that a fish could cost someone $21,000? Apparently, there is a special and rare breed of fish that you can only get if your wallet is full of cash.

Koi or specifically Nishikigoi are a sub-species of Common carp (Cyprinus Carpio) that are hand-reared for decorative purposes due to their colour and beauty.

Koi fish or carp was first bred in Japan in the 1820s in the town of Ojiya in the Niigata Prefecture. Its a highly respected and a very symbolic fish in Japan as it is closely tied to the country’s national identity.

This species symbolizes good fortune and abundance but they also symbolise great perseverance and strength.

Due to its symbolic meaning and priceless beauty, it is not a wonder that this fish breeder in Saigon, Vietnam does not hesitate to set up a home-based fish breeding business, specifically koi fish

Ngo Van Thang owns a huge pool at his home for the breeding purposes as well as the home of his 70 koi fish. It is estimated that the fish alone has cost him thousands of dollar.

One of the many expensive koi fish in his pool, there is one that always attracts everyone and that is the golden koi fish

Thanks to its rare color of gleaming golden yellow, this fish is valued at $21,000!

According to Thang, this golden koi fish is very rare and hard to find anywhere else around the world, making it one of the most sought-after species in koi industry.


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