Hilarious moment a driver takes 9 minutes to get out of a parallel parking goes viral


Parallel parking can be quite a headache to many but this video of a lady struggling to get her car out of a rather spacious area has quickly become an internet sensation.

Through a clip from a CCTV nearby that plays in a fast forward mode, this lady can be seen struggling to get her car out of the parallel parking position.

The short clip shows that the lady enters the car at 7.50 am

It is known by many that parallel parking can be intimidating but it seems that this lady has taken it quite seriously that she overestimates how small the front yard is

The front yard is actually spacious enough for her to simply reverse her car and make a turn but the lady decides to take a different approach 


She takes nine 9 minutes and several attempts to reverse the car which many can do in less than a minute 

She also gets a help from her friend who emerges from the house presumably after seeing her friend struggling to reverse the car

After what seems like an eternity, the lady finally manages to get the car out while her friend watches from the side 

Since the video was posted on Facebook, it has quickly made rounds on the internet as many viewers found it amusing and fascinating to see the how the lady took nine minutes to reverse her car.

Watch the lady’s attempts at driving her car out of the parallel parking in this clip here


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