These Indian street vendors have the fastest way to produce banana chips and it is unbelievably speedy


Banana chips are deliciously sweet and a perfect snack to munch on for a guilt-free pleasure. Whether you buy them from the store or piping-hot from the street vendor, banana chips are incredibly addictive and scrumptious.

But, do you know how banana chips are made?

In India, banana chips are one of the most favourite street snacks

Since the demand is high from both the locals and the tourists, the street vendors in India has mastered the fastest way you can imagine to produce this all-time favorite snack.

Using just a mandoline, these Indian street vendors swiftly slice all the bananas into thin slices which then go straight into a wok of hot oil

In just seconds, tons of banana chips can be produced! Isn’t it amazing?

Watch how unbelievably fast these street vendors are when they slice the bananas here


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