This 10-year-old boy from Taiwan won a golden buzzer at Asia’s Got Talent for his stunning ukulele performance


Feng E is only 10 years old but he knows how to pull off a stunning performance and blow the audience away.

The electric ukulele player not only impress the audience but he also captivates the judges with his impressive playing.

The boy who hailed from Taiwan gives an incredible performance on “Asia’s Got Talent’s” stage and he is not shy to strum his ukulele like a true rockstar

He also uses foot pedals in his audition stage that gives an extra edge to his performance

Judge David Foster is really impressed with his performance that he decides to give Feng E a golden buzzer! “People think of a ukulele as a toy, and you turned it into an experience!” Foster commented

Feng E’s musical talent was discovered when the boy’s father encouraged him to play ukulele to help improve his finger development. His fingers were not as agile as they should be so his father convinced him to try to play an ukulele.

Feng was not interested at first but he started to play when his father told him that he would let the boy played Lego after their ukulele session. Eventually, Feng developed an interest in the instrument.

Thanks to his talent and his father’s support, Feng is now on course to compete with other talented contestants from various Asian countries in the reality show

Watch his stunning performance here


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