This 15-month-old toddler has an heated argument with her daddy—by using her baby language


Lola is only 15 months old and can barely able to speak a full sentence but she is already ready to argue with her daddy.

The toddler was in a very strategic position for watching CBeebies but then her Irish father Gareth Roe started nagging at her and told her to get down.

Lola was standing too close to the television and she was way too brave to stand on the table which made her father’s argument seems solid

However, the toddler was very determined to get her way and she said no to her father

It is really amazing to see how eloquent she was despite not being able to talk just yet

Lola made sure that her father got her point that she refused to follow his order through her feisty argument, presumably that she had a better view of the screen if she stood on the table

One shot clearly shows that Lola threw her hands in the air, somewhat in despair for trying to get her point across

Eventually, her father did what was best for her!

Watch the hilarious moment this little toddler gets all feisty and ferocious during an argument with her father in this video here


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