This quirky baby boy is both excited and confused when he sees durian for the first time—he can’t touch it


Dubbed as the “King of Fruit”, this spiky fruit called durian has an exquisite appearance and taste that surely attracts everyone.

Including this cute baby boy who is fascinated to see durian for the first time!

Durian has a slightly oval shape and covered in spikes. The interesting exterior can be captivating for anyone who has not seen such fruit in their lives.

Like this adorable baby boy, he is captivated by the spiky fruit when it is placed in front of him but there is one thing that makes him hesitate to do so

Is it the spike or the strong smell?

In the short clip, his eyes remain fixed on the fruit but as his hands try to reach out to it, he holds them back

Her mother is recording the scene cannot help but laugh at his adorable quirkiness.

Does he or does he not want to touch the durian?

Durian is grown in Southeast Asia, mainly in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and the Phillippines. Unlike its thorny appearance, it has a succulent and juicy yellow flesh.

However, the strong smell and taste can permeate the outer shell even long after it has been removed or eaten. In spite of the stench, this fruit is high in iron, vitamin C and fibre.

Check out the hilarious clip of this adorable baby boy here


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