Little baby black swan is nervous for his first swimming lesson so he tries to run away from his nagging parents


This baby black swan was about to take his first swimming lesson with his parents but he was just too nervous and scared.

In the video which has made rounds on the internet, the two adult black swans can be seen looking at their cygnet who seems to rather stay on the dryland instead of learning how to swim.

Then, the mother swan comes up on the bank in an attempt to convince her youngster that there is nothing to be afraid of 

However, the cygnet is not convinced enough by his mother’s persuasion so there comes a man who gives the nervous cygnet a little push towards the water 

In spite of the little help from the mother and the man, the cygnet remains scared as he is adamant not to let his little webbed feet touch the water.

“I’m too scared! Don’t force me!”

Somehow, the baby manages to climb back to the bank but the man then helps put him near the water again.

The cygnet later tries to climb back but he loses control and fell into the water. Then, a miracle happened!

“Ah…This is easy. I could swim!”

The cygnet seems so excited being able to swim for the first time!

The first hurdle is always the hardest but if you keep going on, there is no doubt that you could succeed like this adorable cygnet.

Watch the moment this cygnet learns how to swim for the first time here

Credit: YouTube


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