Paper marbling is a traditional art form that is both breathtakingly beautiful and delicate


Credit: Blunt Kommunity

Have you ever known how marbled paper is created? Well, this traditional art has been around for many decades and it uses a very unique medium: water.

The captivating and smooth patterns on marbled paper are the result of coloured ink floating in water that is transferred to an absorbent surface like paper or fabric.

First, a shallow tray is filled with water and various colors of ink are then dropped to the water surface. A drop of surfactant chemical is then applied to the colored ink to make it float on the surface of the water.

Then, the ink is manipulated to create various patterns either by blowing into it directly or by stirring the ink with a sharp object like a bamboo stick or a special tool like in the video

The process is repeated several times to create patterns and when the desired patterns have been achieved, a sheet of paper is then carefully laid onto the water surface to absorb the delicate patterns

Often a special paper is used to prevent tearing when it is soaked in the water

The result is a mesmerising pattern on the paper that resembles marble!

This art is very versatile as the ink can be replaced by other types of paint like watercolours, tempera, acrylics, and even food colouring. It can also be used on other materials as well like cardboard and woodblocks.

Watch this amazing paper marbling process in this video here

Source: ruthhoggerresearch


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