This cute chipmunk is having hiccups while eating her sunflower seeds—she ain’t wasting no food


Credit: Instagram/@bibi_kuuu_ritu

Chipmunks are not particularly choosy when it comes to food but this cute chipmunk from Japan is totally obsessed with her sunflower seeds! 

This Japanese chipmunk is not only adorable but she has two secret pouches in her puffy cheeks to store all the sunflower seeds that her owner gives her. She is not wasting any food even though she is having a serious hiccups after overeating.

Just in case she needs to go somewhere, she already has her food packed!

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In the video, it can be seen that this cute chipmunk becomes fascinated looking at something from afar and is having a serious hiccups 

However, as she is too focused on staring at the object, her puffy cheeks start to loosen up and her sunflower seed falls

Thankfully, she noticed that and she quickly gobbles up the seed, possibly afraid of losing it again. Just look at how puffy her cheeks are!

Apparently, this chipmunk also loves eating tangerine and here what she does when it sees some in front of her

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Apart from eating, she also loves going on fun adventures as she tours the house and plays with random objects that she finds in her way

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Check out her Instagram page to see what she has been up to than eating her favourite food.

Watch this fluffy chipmunk eating her sunflower seeds in this adorable clip here

Credit: Instagram/@bibi_kuuu_ritu


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