This primitive water pump is solely made of bamboo and it is very efficient to collect water from the well


Have you ever wondered how the people who lived in ancient times managed to collect water from the well that could be miles away from their settlements to where it is needed?

This video will show you how they managed to do so and it is totally impressive!

By using just bamboo and a bicycle, this man could build a water pump that is capable enough to extract water from its source in an efficient way.

This special machine made of bamboo is solely powered by bicycle.

By using this device, he can collect water from any sources as long as it is at a lower level than the pump’s water tank.

First, he made holes on a bamboo stick. Then, he proceeded to make two mini watermills

The bamboo stick along with the mini watermills were then attached to the machine that he connected with a bicycle chain.

The result is a handmade water pump that is simple and yet, effective to collect water!

Watch how he made the amazing water pump in this video here


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