When their parents say “I love you”, these babies respond in the most adorable way by saying the same thing


Nothing is better than seeing a sweet smile lingers on a baby’s face and their giggle when you say “I love you” to them.

But imagine if they could reply by saying “I love you” too! Won’t it be more amazing?

Apparently, these babies who are only a few months old are way ahead of their age when they can be seen mimicking their parents’ “I love you”!

This video compilation of adorable babies responding to their parents’ “I love you” has gone viral on the internet and it is truly heartwarming to hear them.

The clip starts with a father saying “I love you” to his cute baby and the baby responds in the most surprising way ever.

The tiny bundle of joy appears to utter “I love” and the father is really surprised to hear the unexpected reply.

Meanwhile, a mother can be heard saying words of encouragement to her baby to reply to her words of love and affection.

“You’re so close. I love my mom,” the mother says behind the camera and a brief moment later, the baby babbles “I love my mommy.”

Even though the baby can only babble to reply, it is clear enough that the baby says the three magical words back to her mom!

These adorable babies may be only a few months old but they already know what love is. We bet their parents must be really proud and touched to hear that their babies love them too!

Watch this beautiful moment between parents and their baby declaring love between each other here


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