Heavily pregnant lady shows off her baby bump at an orangutan on a trip to the zoo. What the orangutan does later brings tears to many


Kayley Bettany, 20, was heavily pregnant with her daughter when she visited Colchester Zoo in Essex when this heartwarming incident occurred before her eyes.

The lady and her husband, Kieran Bettany, 21, met an orangutan at the zoo.

Seeing Kayley’s huge baby bump, the orangutan became fascinated with her bump and started lifting his hands to touch her stomach


The orangutan appears to press his ear against the glass to listen to the baby.

Then, he tenderly kissed the pregnant woman’s bump through the glass barrier at the zoo

It was not the first time Rajang, the 48-year-old orangutan, made news for kissing a pregnant woman’s baby bump before.

“I never thought the orangutan would react this way – he even had a tear in his eye,” Kayley said

The adorable clip has gone viral as many people were swept away by the touching moment.

Rajang arrived at the zoo in 1980 from Chester Zoo. In spite of his cheerful and loving behaviour, he has a tragic past.

His mother died when he was only a month old so the only companion he has is his keepers who hand-reared him since he was little

Watch this beautiful moment of Rajang kissing Kayley’s pregnant belly in this video here


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