Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier takes dog tricks to a whole new level and doing laundry is only one of them


After spending a relaxing time during the weekend, not everyone is excited for Monday morning. However, if you have a dog like Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier, you can definitely beat the Monday blues!

Turn on the lights, open the window blinds, make the bed, pick up the mail and put the laundry in the washing machine are only some of the chores that this intelligent dog can do for his lucky owner.

When the sun rises, this dog does not waste a second and immediately opens the blinds and makes the bed

Next, he proceeds to pick up the morning mail and go to the kitchen to turn on the coffee machine

Jesse then fills up the dishwasher with the dishes and cleans the house!

Heather Brook, the proud owner of this energetic Jack Russell Terrier breed said that they have been together for 11 years and training Jesse is easy since their relationship is based on mutual respect, understanding and trust.

On top of that, Heather does not forget to reward Jesse with cheddar cheese and lunch meat whenever Jesse manages to master a new trick.

“I also used treats that were Jesse’s favourites, including hot dog pieces, spray cheese, homemade cooked chicken with a dash of rosemary and oregano, as well as dehydrated beef jerky,” Heather explains to Chewy.

Watch this talented dog does everything to brighten Heather’s day here 

Credit:  JustJesse197 Youtube

Credit: JustJassetheJack

Credit: Chewy


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