These babies are expert at imitating their parents—it is so hilarious and entertaining to watch


Have you ever tried sticking out your tongue at a newborn and the baby sticks his or her tongue back at you?

Babies and young children are always full of curiosity. It seems that everything fascinates them and they do not hesitate to explore new things in front of them.

Apparently, their curiosity is not limited to captivating new objects. As they grow, these babies will try to imitate roles and actions that they have seen from the parents, just like these playful babies in the video.

These babies are also amazed by their parents’ simple doing and they will try to copy the same action.

[00:11] Like this bundle of joy who might have been watching his father working out every day so he attempts to do the same with his toy

[00:16] Or this little girl who imitates her father who shakes his head in a playful way in front of her

Soon, what just a little tease became a fun game of shaking heads!

[00:29] This baby boy is laying next to his father when suddenly the father makes a gargling sound and he responds it in the most unexpected way!

[00:46] This baby has too much fun seeing her father waving at the mirror. Her giggle is just too adorable

[01:06] “I can flex my tiny arm too, Dad!”

[01:13] This father-daughter duo definitely is starting early for their workout session. Just look at how adorable and determined the baby girl is at doing sit-ups

These babies may be young but they definitely know how to respond to their parents’ action in the most hilarious way ever.

It is not surprising since babies are wired to imitate or mimic adults since their birth as a part of their learning process.

Watch this hilarious video compilation of babies imitating their parents here


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