This newborn has a very unique and hilarious way to burp himself with special sound when the nurse pats on his back


Taking care of newborns can be exhausting but it is certainly a very rewarding experience as you will get to see rather hilarious antics that these newborns can pull off.

Just like this nurse who was trying to help burp the newborn.

However, she never expected that the baby would make a different noise instead of burping!

In the video, the nurse can be seen supporting the baby’s front while gently patting on his back

The baby who can be seen shutting his eyes tightly is having quite a tough time to let out gas from his tiny stomach so he does the most adorable way to help him burp

Possibly the noise does let him burp as he later burps just a brief moment after the nurse pats his back

Meanwhile, the mother who is behind the camera is amused by his newborn’s fascinating noise as she chuckles when the baby makes the noise

The baby is really hilarious and adorable! Looks like he has found an easier way to burp himself after this.

Watch how the newborn creates some noise to help him burp in this video here


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