Hilarious moment baby boy looks so confused when he meets his twin cousins for the first time


Adorable baby Landon had never met twins before and when he met his twin baby cousins for the first time, he just could not believe his eyes.

This cute moment captures Landon looking visibly confused when the twins are placed next to his sides and he looks so adorable!

His big eyes shift from side to side as Little Landon clearly does not know why he is seeing double

When one of the twins cries, Landon looks at her before turning his head to the other twin who looks calm sitting next to him

The newborn twins wear matching pink outfits with matching headbands, enough to confuse the baby boy

It is hard enough for adults to tell twins apart let alone this little baby boy who just met twins for the first time.

Poor Landon gets confused with his twin cousins that he looks so baffled seeing them!

His adorable and hilarious reaction has definitely made everyone laugh. We are confused too, Landon.

Credit: YouTube 


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