Smart dad puts his baby to sleep in just 42 seconds by using a clever trick that involves only a soft tissue paper


As a new parent, it can get really tricky to get the newborn to fall asleep.

But now, say goodbye to all those sleepless and restless nights as this smart dad has a little trick that can get a baby falls asleep in seconds!

This dad from Sydney has just found a way to get his 3-month-old baby to sleep in less than a minute by using a piece of tissue paper.

“The tissue trick isn’t actually anything special. Any light touching on the baby’s facial areas such as the head, forehead or the bridge of the nose also works,” Dailo tells

It may sound a bit odd but put your trust in this dad’s trick as it really works!

[00:09] The dad, Nathan Dailo simply gently brushes the soft tissue paper over his newborn’s face

[00:15] In just seconds, Seth, his newborn looks sleepy

[00:30] Just a few gentle brushes on his face with a soft tissue, Seth is already in the dreamland

The video proved to be a hit among millions of other parents around the world when it quickly reaches 12 million views after a few days it was uploaded on YouTube

Now, the video has racked up over 12 million views!

The video must have gone viral for a reason, right?

If you are struggling to get your baby fall asleep every night, why not try Nathan’s little trick but first, check out how he does it in this video here

Credit: TIME Magazine

Credit: Nathan Dailo


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