This talented dance couple won the 1st place in the Grand Nationals 2017 Rising Star division


There is nothing more exceptional than being able to express oneself in ways that transcend the boundaries of language such as through art, music and dance with dance being arguably the most physically taxing. It requires individuals to make full use of their entire bodies and like any form of skill, it takes years to master.

The USA Grand Nationals is a dance competition which is held on Memorial Weekend annually. Every year, this competition enables hundreds of dancers to compete against one another in several different categories for over $40,000 in cash & trophies.

In 2017, one dance couple left their competition far behind as they performed a routine which was simply exceptional!

Bryn Anderson and Ken Rutland have only been dancing together for over year but their chemistry and synchronization was close to perfect

Bryn Anderson started attending dance classes almost as soon as she was able to walk and have built quite a repertoire for herself, mastering different styles of dance such as contemporary, jazz, Latin and ballet

He partner, Ken Rutland on the other hand, started out as a hip hop dancer and is also extremely passionate about dance. He decided to expand his wings as he tried out for couple dancing seven years ago and he has never regretted the decision!

Bryn and Ken stepped out onto the stage hand-in-hand and danced to the extremely catchy number by Wild Cherry entitled “Play That Funky Music”.

The crowd was entranced and some even sang along as they cheered the couple on

Watch all the spins, twirls and flips below:


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