Seeing this little girl Celine Tam’s stunning singing of “You Raise Me Up” with Helene Fischer will give us goosebumps


Some songs were just made to tug at your heart strings.

A prime example of such songs would be Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up” which resonates with so many people because it can be read and interpreted in numerous ways.

Although Josh Groban only covered the song which was originally composed by Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden, he made it extremely popular.

This song has popped up in countless competitions where novice singers try their luck in recreating the hauntingly beautifully and magnificent tone of of the song. With this being said, very few have succeeded though.

Pint-sized Celine Tam held her own in a duet with the German vocal powerhouse, Helene Fischer, which resulted in an absolutely remarkable performance!

Don’t let her small size fool you, because this girl’s voice is crazy good! She made her start when she competed in the popular TV competition, America’s Got Talent, but was kicked out before the semifinals 

That did not stop her fame and recognition from spreading because she has since shared stages with huge names in the music industry, which goes to show that real talent will not go unrecognized!

Watch her amazing performance with Helene Fischer below:


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