Internet goes wild when a large blue butterfly lands on an adorable baby girl’s head who seems oblivious of its presence


Most insects like butterflies and bees are attracted to the colourful flowers and their sweet nectar but for this blue butterfly, apparently, one baby girl looks prettier than any flowers.

This beautiful baby girl is a having a fun time at a butterfly conservatory when suddenly a large blue butterfly shows some interests in her.

While it is quite common to see many butterflies flying around in the conservatory, the baby’s parents are quite taken aback when the incredibly large butterfly lands on their baby’s head

It seems to have fallen in love with the adorable baby girl as it does not budge an inch from the where it has landed on the baby’s head

Meanwhile, the baby is quite oblivious to the fact that there is a huge butterfly on her tiny head

When her dad calls her name, she could only stare at the camera with her big blue eyes, probably wondering why her mom and dad are having a good laugh at her

The short clip later shows the butterfly seems like ready to spread its wings to fly to somewhere else

As it spreads its wings, it is apparent that the butterfly has a spectacular blue pattern with black edges on its wings.

Thanks to this lucky baby, everyone gets to see one of the largest butterfly species in the world from up close!

Some people believe that butterflies symbolise hope and good luck while some believe that these insects represent the greater or divine power.

Whatever it is, this baby is surely lucky to make a new best friend with the blue butterfly!

Watch this cute moment a blue butterfly lands on this cute baby girl’s head here


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