Pregnant woman dances her way into the delivery room in a viral video—medical staffs join in the fun


Going into the labor can be a really stressful and nerve-wracking time for both mother-to-be and the husband but the Exantus couple has an amusing way to melt the stress away.

Alicia Exantus was admitted to Manatee Memorial Hospital in Florida and she was just hours away from giving birth on August 2.

However, rather than being wheeled into the delivery room in a wheelchair, she prefers to dance her way into the room!

In the catchy video that has gone viral on the internet, Alicia can be seen dancing to “Baby Mama Dance” with her huge pregnant belly

Not long after she busts a move, her husband, Miller, joins her along with the nurses. The squad later can be seen dancing in the hallway

“I would definitely say it set the tone for my labor,” Alicia told Inside Edition.

“We were so excited. We love to dance. We always love to have fun.” 

Alicia later went through a 30-hour labor before she gave birth to a healthy and happy baby girl, Tatum. Who would not be overjoyed if their birth is celebrated with a dance party!

In fact, dancing gently has been proven to benefit pregnant women in many ways. Below are some of the benefits of dancing during pregnancy:

  1. It improves the posture and reduces back pain.
  2. Improves overall mood as it helps releases endorphins, the hormone that is responsible to trigger a positive and happy feeling in the brain.
  3. Helps to get a good night’s sleep.
  4. Promotes muscle tone and helps relaxes the pelvic floor for an easier childbirth.
  5. Excellent form of exercise to keep you fit and healthy!

More information about Dancing in Pregnancy by Baby Centre UK.

Watch Alicia dances her way to the delivery room with cool moves here

Credit: Inside Edition


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