This energetic toddler dances to hip-hop tune like nobody’s watching—including himself!


Life is too short to not have a good time and this adorable toddler will show you how to enjoy your life to the fullest and dance like nobody is watching!

With just a few simple dance moves, this toddler is ready to dance to the rhythm.

The hip-hop song really goes well with his effortless dance moves and head shakes.

Just look at how he rocks the mini green basket on his head as he moves to the song

As the upbeat song progresses, the toddler shakes his cute butt from side to side and it is so adorable!

Who cares when you have the coolest dance moves and awesome hip-hop song to dance to.

Even though the mini green basket covers his eyes, it does not stop him from busting amazing dance moves

When the video was first uploaded on the internet, the online community went wild by how talented and awesome the toddler is at dancing.

It may have looked like a simple dance but the toddler is totally in-sync with every beat of it. He looks so carefree! 

Doesn’t he make you want to dance too?

Check out how awesome the toddler is at dancing to hip-hop tune in this catchy video here


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