This mini-drone phone case prototype will let you take hassle-free selfies at any angle, anywhere


Previously, selfie sticks took the world by storm when its invention technically makes taking selfies at an angle beyond the arm length possible. 

However, some tourist spots and theme parks have slowly begun to ban the use of selfie stick in their proximity as there is increasing reports regarding the stick causing hazardous damage or inconvenience to the public.

Places like Disneyland and Universal Studios in Japan are some of the places that have banned selfie sticks. Meanwhile, the entire city of Milan in Italy has completely banned the use of it in the public.

If you have plans to travel to these places and are quite shy to ask for help from the strangers to take your photos, this ban can be quite a headache.

However, this new invention will help solve your dilemma!

Forget selfie stick, this mini-drone-meet-phone-case will let you take your picture like a breeze! 

As seen in the video, this hassle-free mini-drone phone case is really convenient when taking pictures.

Just set the timer and the angle at your desire and stands in front of the camera

Plus, the photos will turn out great like you usually do manually

You can also use it to capture amazing aerial views or even record videos at a creative angle!

Or take a selfie with the help of the drone for a better shot of your picture

So, why not get one for your next vacation?!

Many facebook users are asking Good Times where they can get one of these, unfortunately we do not sell any product and this is not a commercial post!

Some facebook users said this drone phone case is not practical because sudden strong wind may blow it away. “Gone with the Wind!” they said.

As of posting, Good Times couldn’t verify with the creator of this viral video and some people said that this is a fake drone. However we are sharing this video just to show you this prototype.

Who knows one day we can use this in real life?  So why not take it easy when watching this video.


  1. This video is obviously a fake those two tiny motors could not possibly hold up that phone you can see in the second scene the water moving in one half and the water is still in the other hiding a second person holding the phone the phone would fall right after you let go of it in real life


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