This talented boy band delivers a heartfelt performance with recycled plastic bottles and metal lids that they turn into musical instruments


A small band of two members who love music has won the hearts of thousands of people with their mini performance and it is not hard to see why.

The adorable band which consists of one singer and one percussionist is also joined by a friend of theirs who helps record the performance.

These three friends may have not the proper musical instruments for their band but that does not stop them from performing a beautiful rock and roll performance.

With their unlimited imagination and a dash of creativity, they managed to set up a drum set which is made up of recycled plastic bottles and metal lids

The recycled plastic bottles are the drums while the metal lids are turned into cymbals. Each of the makeshift musical instrument stands on the ground with the help of bamboo sticks.

A piece of bamboo stick also serves as the microphone for the aspiring singer who sings passionately

The boys may not have the proper tools or enough fund to set up a band but they somehow are able to make their dream came true.

With just a little bit of imagination and creativity, they gathered the resources that they found around their houses and made their own instruments.

In the video, you can definitely see how talented and amazing these boys are as they perform their heartfelt performance

It is the image of pure joy and passion that will surely leave a mark in your mind.

Check out the talented boy band’s performance in this video here 


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