A group of black bears caught a New Jersey family by surprise for having a wild pool party in the backyard


It is the summer season and many people headed to the pool and the beach to escape the scorching heat and apparently, bears too.

In August 2015, the Basso family was surprised to find out that a family of black bears was playing in their family’s pool in the neighborhood yard.

The video shows a large bear which is assumed to be the mother of other five smaller cubs having fun splashing water around and playing the swing set

The pool party looks really wild as the cubs seem so excited to be able to take a dip in the cool water to escape the summer heat

Tim Basso’s wife were quite thrilled at the unexpected sight that happened in their backyard. She quickly recorded the bears’ pool party moment on camera

Meanwhile, she can be heard saying, “It’s a fun backyard”.. to which her daughter Sophie was not excited about the baby bears chewing her floaty.

“We’re going to buy a new pool?” Sophie asked her mom, and her mom replied: “Not until next year.” Sophie cried after hearing it.

“Hey baby bear, leave the floaty alone!” Sophie said.

Near end of the video, the mother finally asked the kids to get their daddy Tim Basso to call the animal control

Tim Basso updated his video comment in July 2016: “Mom and 5 cubs have been seen in the neighborhood, but not in our yard. Thanks for watching and keeping it civil.”

Watch the wild pool party of mother bear and her five little cubs in this video here covered by CBS News:

Original video posted by Tim Basso on Youtube

Credit: CBS News | Tim Basso



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