12-month-old toddler’s impressive swimming video went viral—she can swim by herself effortlessly


It is quite common to see older children and adults swimming like a fish in the water but for infants and toddlers below age 3, it is absolutely an incredible and rare sight to behold. 

Hence, it is not a surprise that this video from proud parents Grace Fanelli and her husband, Michael featuring their children swimming skillfully in a swimming pool has reached millions of views.

In the amazing clip, Grace shows her two children, the eldest being just three years old while her youngest one is only twelve months old

It has certainly caught everyone’s attention that the toddlers can already swim like they have been having years of practices of swimming

The youngest toddler can be seen swimming backstroke and kicking her tiny pair of feet as she crosses the pool from one side to another side

It might have come as a surprise to many people but children can be introduced to the swimming pool when they are under a year old.

However, it is worth to note there is still a debate about the safe age for children to start learning to swim as the American Academy of Pediatrics only supports swimming lessons for most children 4 years and older.

The viral video which was first uploaded on Youtube made its way on Facebook as Grace felt that she needed to encourage parents with young children to teach their children to swim in the wake of the of Olympic ski athlete, Bode Miller’s daughter’s death

Emeline, was found drowned in a neighbour’s swimming pool during a party. The toddler was only 19 months old at the time of the tragedy.

Due to the tragic news, Grace wrote on her Facebook that it can be a life-saving for young children to know how to swim to reduce the possibilities of them drowning in the waters

Watch the video below to see the amazing toddlers swim their way in the pool

If you are considering taking your kids to swimming lessons, Good Times recommends you reading the updated advise by American Academy of Pediatrics, or consult the experts! 

Credit: Facebook/Grace Fanelli| Page Six | American Academy of Paediatrics 


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