Man sings and plays guitar but it is his talented parrot that steals the spotlight


Neno Alfenas and his green-feathered parrot are outside of their residence in Sertanópolis, Brazil. It is evening and they are looking forward to relaxing and unwinding with their friends and family members.

For the beautiful parrot, he decides that there is no better time to show off his incredible vocalising and singing so what he does next draws applause from the audience who is really impressed with the talented parrot’s skills.

In the short video, Neno can be seen strumming a guitar and singing a medley of Brazilian songs including Natiruts’ “Liberdade Pra Dentro da Cabeça”

However, it is not Neno’s singing nor his playing that catches the attention of many, it is the green parrot’s whistling that steals the spotlight

Needless to say, these two definitely make the best duet ever!

Watch Neno and his parrot singing Brazilian medley together in this hilarious duet


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