Passionate little boy enjoys playing chef as he cooks up a storm with his toy spatula and pot


They say it is never too early for children to start learning and it looks like this young boy is on the right path to become the greatest chef in the world!

In the adorable video, the boy can be seen flickering his wrist in a very skilled movement as he cooks up the meal of what looks like small pieces of tissue paper.

Armed with his toy spatula and metal pot, the boy seems like a natural cook!

You can immediately tell that the boy is in his element as he looks comfortable and excited at playing out the role as a chef

The fun pretend playtime moment shows the creative boy cooking on a pink box which he turns into a kitchen hob

Later in the video, he cracks an egg and adds it to his dish. Luckily, the egg is a toy as the boy later dumps it on his side!

What do you think he is cooking?

After stirring for a while, the boy is finally done cooking his special dish. He later hands a handful of the dish to his mother who is behind the camera

This little boy may not be an expert chef yet but he definitely looks like one! Don’t you think so?

Watch how the boy acts like a master chef in his toy kitchen in this video here


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