Smart cat shows a clever trick that involves meowing and a basket to get to second floor without the hassle of climbing the stairs


Are you familiar with the scene from the popular fairytale by Grimm brothers, “Rapunzel” where the princess who has very long hair lets her down for the witch to climb it up to the tower?

If you cannot recall the scene, this cat can surely do as it is basically living its life the witch from the fairytale!

In the short clip, the black cat with white spots can be heard meowing to the side of a building as an indicator to go up the floor

It might have just come back from its morning stroll and now, it is ready to go back home.

While most cats usually go inside the house by walking through a small flap at the bottom of the entrance door, this cat does not have to.

Instead, this cat just has to meow to his owner before the owner rolls down a basket to the ground and it jumps into the basket

When it is ready, the owner just lifts the basket up to her room window with a rope. In just a blink of an eye, the cat is already on the second floor without having to waste its energy on the hassle of climbing the stairs

What a really smart cat!

Check out how the smart cat gets to the second floor by using this smart trick here


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