This father cat is struggling to feed his kitten and it is hilarious


Male cats are not known for their parenting skills, unlike female cats who are always in charge of taking care of newborn kittens. 

However, this male cat tries to break down the stereotype and it looks like he has finally got a chance to prove how great he can be at being a parent to his cute kitten when the mother cat is taking a day off motherhood.

This father cat might not have the best parenting skills but he tries his best to take care of his kitten including feeding it well.

It is dinner time but unfortunately, the feeding bowl is quite far away!

So, the father cat tries to imitate what he has seen the mother cat been doing effortlessly—picking up the kitten by its scruff. It should be easy, isn’t it?

Sadly, he fails! Then the father tries to pick up the kitten by its tail

However, he fails again!

“I’m giving up! 

“No, I can’t give up. Let me just try again.”

The father cat is finally able to bring his kitten to the feeding bowl and feed it!

Looks like this father cat is going to be a great father to his kitten. The mother cat will be so proud of him

Watch the full video of this father cat struggling to feed his kitten here


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