This devoted dog has the sweetest greeting for his owner when he returns home from work


Dogs have been known for being the one of the best and most loyal a man can have and this dog proves why dogs are truly man’s best friend.

Meet Panthro, a friendly dog who is not shy to express his affection and love towards his owner.

If most dogs show how excited they are when their owners return home by wagging their tails and hopping around, Panthro quietly waits at the entrance.

As soon as his owner arrives home from work, he gives more than just a simple “Hello” to the man

When his owner walks up the stairs, Panthro extends his front leg and let his owner kisses it.

The duo then embrace each other with an enthusiastic and warm welcome as if they have been separated for a long time!

The owner is so lucky to get to come home to such a sweet dog!

Watch the moment Panthro gives a warm hug to his owner in this beautiful video here


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