Heartwarming moments pets giving a warm hug to their owners to show how much they love them in this video compilation


If you are having a rough day or simply wants something to brighten up your day, check out this heartwarming compilation of videos of pets giving their owners a warm hug.

These adorable and kind-hearted animals will show you how they love to hug and to express their unconditional love as much as their owners.

Even when their owners are deep into sleep like this loving Dalmatian dog who gently caresses his owner’s head while he is asleep

Or this dog who is equally sad like the little kid who does not want to let his grandpa leave the home

Who would have expected that the dog will not want to let grandpa leave the house? He must be sad that he cannot spend the day to cuddle with him.

This man is doing push-ups when his dog suddenly climbs up to his body for a quick cuddle.

“Stop exercising and start playing with me!”

Sometimes, all they want is just a warm and long embrace to show how much they love you like this dog here

Nevertheless, it is not only dogs who love a bit of a cuddling session.

Apparently, this goose also feels the same when it comes running towards his owner as soon as he sees her

You can tell how happy the goose is when his owner turns up!

Watch this heartwarming video compilation of pets hugging their owner here 


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