The taboo word ‘shower’ puts dogs into a frenzy and this video shows they will do anything to escape it


Dog paddles is an actual swimming move to keep afloat, so why do most dogs try to run away from a bath?

Most of these same dogs will sprint into the waters whenever they see a river or a lake but at the same time, cower in fear when they see a tub full of water!

Maybe this pup is just afraid of the foamy bubbles that fill the tub to the brim

Some argue that it is because dogs are aware of the surrounding environment and prefer to leisurely swim at their will or maybe they know that getting a bath or shower is not part of their nature!

This clever pup here keeps turning the faucet off with his paw

Getting into a bath will make them feel exposed and extremely vulnerable! It could also be perceived as a form of punishment to them and these furry hounds will do anything to escape the torture of soap and water

Smaller dogs are easier to handle as their owner could just clean them at the sink and carry them into the bathtub but big dogs are definitely a challenge

Great Dane struggles with dad on the bathroom floor to run away from the water. It’s almost like an argument or tug-of-war every time you suggest ‘shower time’!

These poor babies do bring up a comical side whenever you mention the magic word. Watch their funny antics in the video and have a laugh!


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