Arguably the world’s smartest chairs and tables can be folded to the wall to save space and act as a painting


The plight of living in a small house is finally fixable when you have so little space for so much furniture! Edging your way through the corners of your furniture every day surely is not the way to live comfortably therefore, these revolutionary tables are the solution!

Designed in New Zealand, Snap Jack is a table and chair system created specifically for you to have more control over your living space. Not only are you buying the table and chairs, you are buying additional space too!

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is an abstract piece of art because it isn’t!

These tables and chairs are well-thought out pieces that could be mounted to the wall of your house. The intricate pattern and design can also serve to decorate your wall when it is not in use!

When in need, you can pull the table out of its magnetic latches in the wooden frame. Despite the size, the lightweight furniture is easy to handle.

This cool and practical dining set even comes with 4 additional chairs that are well hidden behind the table. You can set up as many chairs as you want in order  to serve dinner guests in your house and conveniently puts them away if you don’t need it!

You can purchase the amount of furniture according to your needs meaning that each piece can be bought together or separately! The table is designed to withstand 551lb (250kg) and each chair can absorb 220lb (100kg). Don’t worry about dinner nightmare because these tables are as sturdy as a brick house!


After you used it, just snap it back into a flat surface before stowing it away to the wall.

Learn more about Snap Jack here:


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