This adorable siblings have an epic argument over cookies in their baby language and they can understand each other


This might be the most adorable and hilarious kitchen fight between siblings ever!

In the heartwarming video, the little girl can be heard babbling her disapproval over something that her older brother does in her toddler language.

Meanwhile, the brother is clearly expressing “No” at the little girl’s objection.

It is not clear what is the main subject of their little argument at the kitchen counter but the two of them are eating a piece of cookie at the time of the fight

None of them seems to want to give in to each other

The argument goes further when the little girl hits the kitchen counter with her tiny hand, obviously expressing her annoyance at her older brother

The little boy who seems perplexed at his sister hitting the counter at first becomes a bit furious when he said to not hit the kitchen counter to the girl afterward.

The little fight continues as the girl says  “No” multiple times while the boy replies back with “Yes”.

“No!” the girl objects and the boy replies, “I said yes!”. It remains unclear what their fight is all about throughout the video but their reactions are just so hilarious!

They may be fighting over the best way to eat a cookie and we admit, there is not a single best way to eat one!

Check out these toddlers having a little argument over cookies in their language here


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